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Don't Leave Now, There's a Zombie Around the Corner! - [20:40]

The newly released Doom III screenshots inspired me to make a wallpaper out of them. This time, I thought I'd make one especially for all those people who have a lot of icons on their desktop. Karthik told me that this is one of my best wallpapers, so I guess it's worth a look :) You can get the wallpaper HERE.

I made this wallpaper especially for a resolution of 1024x768, so if you're applying it at any other resolution, please do not enable the 'Stretch' option. And if you have any feedback, feel free to mail me.

College News - [20:43]

My college started on 26th June, and since then most of my time has been taken up by studies and tests. Because of that, progress on my 9th Gate map has come to a standstill. I find college somewhat boring as compared to school, because though the teachers teach well, they don't crack any jokes or anything, so the classes aren't very interesting. It's really hard to keep myself from dozing off :)

2002: A Doom Odyssey - [21:00]

I played 2002: A Doom Odyssey a few days back - I think it's a great set of levels, and all the authors seem to have put in a lot of effort into the gameplay and architecture. Among the levels that I played, I felt that E4M7 was the best - I really liked the layout, and all the height variations gave it a unique feel. The only things I felt could be improved in the WAD were the music and the graphics.

I think I'll stop here for now, because I'm in no mood to write today :)


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