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Doom III, The 9th Gate, Alien Vendetta and more! - [15:11]

My college was supposed to start today, but thanks to the Board of Intermediate Education, I still have holidays till June 26! Anyway, I've started going to an EAMCET coaching class called BMS. The classes are held from 5:30 to 8:20 in the morning, so I'm getting up at 4:00 everyday! There are classes even on Sundays, luckily they're in the evening.

Today, I was all ready by 5:00am, but it started raining and the class was cancelled. I didn't know what to do, so I started making a Doom III wallpaper! The result is HERE - a 1024x768 wallpaper of the game we're all waiting for!

My 9th Gate map is progressing well, and I'm happy with the way it's turning out. It's definitely my best and biggest map so far! I don't if it's just me, or because of DoomCAD that I'm taking almost a day to build one room :) Sadly, there has been VERY little progress on the project in the past few months... I don't know when we'll get it done...

I also downloaded the official Alien Vendetta demopack a few days ago (on May 23 I think) - these demos are as high quality as the levels themselves! I've watched till MAP20, and so far I found the MAP14 demo (Overwhelming Odds by Brad Spencer) to be the most entertaining. If you haven't got it yet, go get it!


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Scans, Wallpapers and News - [09:04]

I've been scanning some more stuff the past few days, so I have another gallery for you - this one has five of my drawings including a recent Batman picture that I drew. If you want to see them, click here. Speaking of drawings, Karthik has his own art page too, and it has some really cool drawings!

The Miscellaneous page now also has a Wallpaper section, where I'll be putting up some of the wallpapers that I keep making now and then. For now, there are two wallpapers that I made when I was bored, and didn't know what else to do :)

As for the Doom stuff, I've not been working on my level that much, but I did figure out how to make monsters teleport properly. I looked at Christian Hansen's Flay the Obscene (because he's the only one I know who uses DoomCAD) and just saw how he did it... then I tried it out in a temp WAD, and I got it to work! Another thing I learnt from his map was how to make monsters instantly appear out of nowhere (by instantly raising a sector). I'm going to use these cool effects in my level (E4M7) for The 9th Gate.


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Anxiety? No, not any more - [21:27]

The wait is finally over... we got our SSC Board Exam (Final Exams) Results today! Today's newspaper said it would be available on the internet at 10:00 a.m., but as usual those guys put it up late (only at 11:20 a.m.). Anyway, I got a total of 518/600. I expected better marks, but like I said, the evaluation can be unpredictable.

It wasn't as unpredictable as I thought though - I got 98/100 in Maths (I expected 99 or 100). The only subject's marks I was really surprised to see was Special English (II Language) - I got only 74/100! If you want to see all my marks, go to and type in my roll number (0055666). Or if you're lazy, you can see a screenshot of the page here :)

Congratulations to Hemanshu (538/600), Nikhil (529/600), Vikram (525/600) and Bharat (524/600) for getting more than me :)

Scanned Galleries - [22:55]

We got a scanner today! That's why I spent most of the evening putting up the first ever photo gallery on this site! It's located in the Miscellaneous page and has nine pictures of the school tour I went on back in October last year.


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Wanna watch a Demo? - [18:23]

I would have updated sooner, but I wanted the update about Short 'n Quick to be on this page until the /Newstuff Chronicles review of the map was posted at Doomworld. But that didn't happen for the past two weeks (does anybody know why?), so I decided to update anyway. If you came looking for the level, you can get it from the Downloads page.

Coming to what this update is all about, I did a few demos since the last update at my Doom site (which was a long time ago). Here they are:

The Other Side of Phobos by Karthik :: UV Max | 4:41 :: [ download here ]

Mortiser 4: Chemical Plant by Metabolist :: UV Max | 2:09 :: [ download here ]

Terrere 2 by Wim Vanrie (The Mole) :: Nomo speed | 0:39 :: [ download here ]

Out of Phase by Karthik :: UV Max | 1:31 :: [ download here ]

The last one is a somewhat old demo of mine... I guess I just forgot about it :)

In other news, this site crossed 2000 hits, and guess who was the 2000th visitor... me! (well, actually the 1999th, but one refresh doesn't hurt does it ;) ).

I also resumed working on E4M7 of The 9th Gate - I'm trying to have a more complex layout with balconies, windows, etc. instead of the room-door-room feel of my previous levels. It's taking a lot more time for me to make, but I think it'll be worth the effort!

See the really long update at the DSDA!


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A Short 'n Quick Surprise - [05:00]

Yes, you guessed right! The surprise is a new map - Short 'n Quick - the latest map from me which is being released almost a year after my previous level The Anomaly: Part II.

I begun building this map sometime after I released Anomaly II, but I was too busy with school work and didn't have the time to complete the level. So after my final exams got over, I just added detail to the existing rooms, refined them a bit, added a couple more rooms and of course, finished it :)

» Download SHORT 'N QUICK now! «

Click for a larger image
Click for a larger image


Instead of me giving a description of this map, I'll just quote the beta testers Wim 'The Mole' Vanrie and Pablo Dictter - thanks for testing the map and for the useful feedback!

What's good about Short 'n Quick:

"The map is great!! Rocks big time!! BIG TIME!! I love that titlepic, man so cool" - Pablo

"This level is great, it features quality design and makes a fun experience. It's quite short, but the action is very concentrated and never goes away" - Wim

What's not so good:

"You should also add more secrets, easy to find mamas" - Pablo

"I would have liked to see more surprises. It's all pretty straight forward" - Wim

Hope you all enjoy playing Short 'n Quick!


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The Mysterious update - [14:45]

T h r e e   d a y s   l e f t . . .


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School's Over! - [14:20]

Our SSC Board Exams got over two days back. I did well in all the exams, but since the evaluation can be very unpredictable, I can't say how many marks I'll get. The results are likely to be out sometime at the end of April, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see :)

Okay, now about this site, I know some of you may be wondering why I stopped updating for such a long time - the reason was because I didn't have the time to. I didn't think that school work would take up so much of my time, and besides, there wasn't much to update about.

Another thing, since my Doom site is currently down, I'll be making all my Doom updates here.